The Universal Grade Change Form

Universal Grade Change Form
To: (professor/teacher)__________
I think my grade in your course,__________, should be changed from___to___for the following reason(s) [check all that apply]:
  1. The persons who copied my paper made a higher grade than I did.
  2. The person whose paper I copied made a higher grade than I did.
  3. This course will lower my GPA and I won't get into: 
    __Med School __Law School __Grad School
  4. I have to get an A in this course to balance the F in ___________.
  5. I'll lose my scholarship.
  6. I'm on a varsity sports team and my coach couldn't find a copy of your exam.
  7. I didn't come to class and the person whose notes I used did not cover the material asked for on the exam.
  8. I studied the basic principles and the exam wanted only facts.
  9. I studied the facts and definitions but the exam asked about general principles.
  10. You are prejudiced against: 
    __ Males
    __ Females
    __ Minorities
    __ Poor people
    __ Rich people
  11. If I flunk out of school my father will disinherit me or at least cut my allowance.
  12. I was unable to do well in this course because of : 
    __ mono
    __ acute alcoholism
    __ drug addiction
    __ VD/STD 
    __ broken baby finger
    __ pregnancy
    __ fatherhood
  13. You told us to be creative but you didn't tell us exactly how you wanted that done.
  14. I was being creative and you didn't appreciate it.
  15. Your lectures were: 
    __ too detailed to pick out important points
    __ too boring 
    __ not explained in sufficient detail
    __ all jokes and no material
  16. Some of the questions in your exams were not covered in the lectures.
  17. I was always prepared except for the few times you called upon me in class.
  18. This course was scheduled: 
    __ too early
    __ too late
    __ before gym 
    __ after gym
    __ before lunch
    __ after lunch.
  19. My (dog, cat, gerbil, baby sister, baby brother) (ate, wet on, threw up on) my (book, notes, paper) for this course.
  20. I don't have a reason; I just want a higher grade.
(credit/blame: Ed Reilly )

Why aren't you studying?


Dr. A (not dre. srry) said...

Looking through your old posts because as the blog implies, I'm putting off studying for my chem 363 exam, I was wondering if you've ever changed the grade of someone who came to you and asked for it? (For any one or more of these reasons, or possibly some good reasons.)

Karsten A. Loepelmann said...

Dr. A,
If I've made a mistake in marking, I will change a student's mark. It happened this term--I completely missed something that a student had written in a short-answer question. She pointed it out to me and I happily upped her mark.

Multiple choice exams are a bit different. As I wrote in On Being Picky, there may be disputes about correct answers. If a student can support their choice, I will give them a mark. This does require some effort, beyond just coming to my office and arguing a point.

In other cases, though, students have not performed how they expected to, and they try trolling for marks. I'm not going to change a student's mark just because they didn't like it, and want to get a higher mark--there's no point to marking if that's going to happen.

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