The Pause

For me, it's the end of the 2012/2013 academic year. Stats, please:
  • 11.5 months of teaching in a row (July, 2012-June, 2013)
  • 8 classes
  • 1,285 students taught
  • 21 exams
  • 56 terms papers marked
  • 1,000 meetings
(OK, so maybe the last one is an exaggeration. But not by much.)

Thanks to everyone who took my classes. Congratulations to all graduates, and best of luck!

I'm going offline for a while, mostly to recover from dental surgery. (Third root canal on the same tooth. Hope the third time's the charm!)

But I've also got a long to-do list before fall term starts: there's my not-so-secret Secret Project, my other slightly secret project (a psychology MOOC), and the big one: the new course I'm teaching starting in the fall. There will be an upcoming series of behind-the-scenes posts about that.

Of course, all of this depends on my contract being renewed for another year. Here's hoping. The provincial government's budget cuts have been brutal, and there are still more to come.

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