The New Colleague

I’d like to welcome the newest member of the Department of Psychology, Dr Catherine Ortner!

Dr Ortner, who is currently at Thompson Rivers University, will be a Faculty Lecturer (in Arts), starting on July 1, 2013. She will be responsible for teaching courses in personality, abnormal psychology, and clinical psychology--courses which are very popular with many students. She gave a fantastic presentation when she was here for her interview earlier this year.

Although it may seem incongruent that the UofA is hiring someone new in a time of significant budgetary shortfalls, this position is actually not new. The previous Faculty Lecturer in this area, Dr Doug Wardell, retired in 2010. We’ve been looking for a full-time replacement ever since.

I’m looking forward to working with Dr Ortner, and I hope you enjoy her courses!

Why aren’t you studying?

Update 5/24/2013: Unfortunately, Dr Ortner has decided to pursue other options and won't be coming to the UofA. (Understandable, considering the uncertain budgetary future here in Alberta.) Best wishes to her in her future endeavours!


Anonymous said...

i will be taking clinical psych with her next year, i was hoping the prof would be jamie dyce as i've had him before and thought he was good. i hope she's a great prof!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering who she was when I couldn't find her under u of a on rate my professor. I will be taking abnormal and (possibly) clinical psych with her next year. Looking forward to it!

ps. Dr. Loepelmann, I was in your psych 104 class during first year and has been a faithful reader ever since. Thanks for being such a great lecturer. I love you and the work you do, keep it up!

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