The Awards: 8

The ISSS Hosts
Dr Peter Lee
Thank-you very much to the ISSS (Interdepartmental Science Students' Society) for their Instructor Appreciation Night last Friday. I was surprised and honoured to have been nominated for excellence in teaching, along with 13 of my colleagues in the Faculty of Science--including Dr Peter Lee from the Department of Psychology (that's him looking quite dapper in a tux). Although I did not win the Outstanding Professor Award, it was still a great time. It's nice to hear from students directly; I talked to a few who appreciated the work I did in teaching them. You're welcome! (I did have to duck out a bit early to help put my daughters to bed, sorry. But they liked the balloons very much.)

If you want to see the kind of professional-looking job the ISSS did, you can watch the YouTube video that kicked off the evening.

I am also pleased to report that I was named to the Department of Psychology's Teaching Honour Roll with Distinction (modestly) for the two courses I taught in Summer, 2012 term. Yeah, I'm a bit late. I was going to read my comments and post the best ones (as I've done in the past), but haven't had time. I've got my hands full with a secret project, a MOOC that I'm contributing to, and the new...well, that's going to be another post. A series of posts, in fact, about something that been in the works for over 2 years...

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=D You are a GREAT teacher!

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