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I'm up to my ears in midterm-essay marking--half-done, yay. That means it's time for open comments.

Anything you want to say? Any questions you want to ask? Can't hear what I'm saying in class? Now's the time to let me know. Comments can be anonymous, and I'll make sure moderator kitteh approves ur submishinz.

Why aren't you studying?

The Awards: 8

The ISSS Hosts
Dr Peter Lee
Thank-you very much to the ISSS (Interdepartmental Science Students' Society) for their Instructor Appreciation Night last Friday. I was surprised and honoured to have been nominated for excellence in teaching, along with 13 of my colleagues in the Faculty of Science--including Dr Peter Lee from the Department of Psychology (that's him looking quite dapper in a tux). Although I did not win the Outstanding Professor Award, it was still a great time. It's nice to hear from students directly; I talked to a few who appreciated the work I did in teaching them. You're welcome! (I did have to duck out a bit early to help put my daughters to bed, sorry. But they liked the balloons very much.)

If you want to see the kind of professional-looking job the ISSS did, you can watch the YouTube video that kicked off the evening.

I am also pleased to report that I was named to the Department of Psychology's Teaching Honour Roll with Distinction (modestly) for the two courses I taught in Summer, 2012 term. Yeah, I'm a bit late. I was going to read my comments and post the best ones (as I've done in the past), but haven't had time. I've got my hands full with a secret project, a MOOC that I'm contributing to, and the new...well, that's going to be another post. A series of posts, in fact, about something that been in the works for over 2 years...

Why aren't you studying?

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