The Cost of Education

There's an interesting article in the December CAUT Bulletin. According to a Harris/Decima teleVox poll commissioned by CAUT (the Canadian Association of University Teachers):
"More than half of Canadians say they would be willing to pay more taxes to allow governments to increase post-secondary education funding."
Other questions in this survey asked people how institutions should respond to government cuts, and 52% said that administration costs should be reduced. Other options included increasing class sizes, cutting salaries, and raising fees (i.e., upping tuition or creating new and interesting ways of making students pay more).

In a finding that warmed my heart, 47% of respondents thought that professors had the best interests of students in mind (higher than private donors, administrators, or governments--all three together getting only 41% of people's votes). That's nice, even though I'm not a professor.

If you could send this information to the provincial Minister of "Enterprise" and Advanced Education and the Premier, that would be nice.

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