The Listening List: 1

A while ago, I made a list of some of my favourite recent reading. Now, here are some things that I'm listening to on my digital media player. (No, it's not a i-device.)

I'm lovin' Freakonomics radio. I read the books, the blog, and the tweets, but I just can't wait until each "radio" podcast is delivered (in my sleep!). The bits about behavioural economics are the gravy on top of the ice cream, but the "hidden side of everything" segments are fascinating and surprising. Recent topics include: where management consultants came from, why mass transit may not be so good for the environment, and how to maximize your Halloween candy haul. Economics has never been so interesting.

The Nerdist podcast (podcast network is more like it now) has something for everyone--whatever your geek niche. Examples: video games, comics, sex. Episode #250 featured Alton Brown. Wha--? Chris Hardwick and Alton Brown? Squee! (Plus, AB was on an episode of the Nerdist Channel's Dork Fork. See? Something for everyone...) My favourite part of the episode was when AB dropped an F-bomb. That ain't ever gonna happen on Iron Chef.

A TED talk that has gotten considerable attention (3+ million views) is one by author Susan Cain, who talks about being an introvert and writing her book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking. If you're an introvert like me, you owe it to yourself to at least watch the video. Extroverts can watch it too: it may help you to understand the other 30-50% of the population.

Finally, I actually do have music on my player, too. Some people like to play "I'm listening to music that's so obscure you've never heard of it and never will." I understand that; I liked Madonna Louise Ciccone's music of the early 80s, then everyone was listening to her and I lost interest. So here's my totally obscure contribution: the new Nena album, Du Bist Gut ("you are good"). I bought this old-school on CD from but also put it on my player.

In German-speaking countries, this selection is not obscure at all. The first single debuted at #2 on the charts. And the singer isn't an unknown either. You may know her from the worldwide #1 1980s hit 99 Luftballons/99 Red Balloons. She didn't disappear after that; she's released an album just about every year for the past three decades--even some children's albums. To me, she's the sexiest 52-year-old grandmother (!!) on the planet. *dreamy sigh*

What are you listening to?

Why aren't you studying?


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