Where are they now? Part 2

I previously wrote a post about what some former students of mine are up to. Here's another one. (If you, too, are a former student, let me know what you're up to in the comments. Thanks!)

  • Colin got his full registration; passed his “EPPP and orals on the first try. I am done my hours and awaiting CAPs snail mail. I am counselling at a private practice” (Translation: Colin is now a genuine professional psychologist!)
  • SL is in da big house--voluntarily (working, not incarcerated).
  • AK got into Lib&Info grad studies. (Hey, not everyone wants to become a psychologist. Sob.)
  • TO was accepted into OT (er, that means “occupational therapy”).
  • OB is still working on getting into a graduate program in clinical psychology. (Good luck!)
  • KL is an amateur blogger and still teaching psychology. (Oops, that's me.)
Why aren't you studying?


Anastasia said...

My desire to not write a thesis outweighed my desire to be a psychologist.

Jordan said...

Currently a grad student in clinical psychology in Montreal. Took perception with you at the U of A a few years back. On the path to being a clinician and a professor!


Karsten A. Loepelmann said...

@Jordan: Congrats, and good luck!

KC said...

Going into my 6th year at the U of A, one year away from becoming an RN! Did my Ergonomics paper on antibiotic resistance from a systems approach..excellent mesh between the two disciplines. Still tell people my favorite and most fun class I have ever taken was psych 494. I will carry the info with me for life!

Karsten A. Loepelmann said...

@KC: Hey, great! I hope you find some new way to apply the things you learned about in class.

Steven said...

I took Perception with you a few years ago, though it's pretty unlikely that you'd remember me! I did my M.Sc. with Pete Hurd, did my Ph.D. in Biology in Montréal, and now I'm a postdoc working on the evolutionary biology of viruses in Sydney, Australia!

Karsten A. Loepelmann said...

@Steven: *sigh* I wish I could remember more students. I teach >1,000 students a year; I remember (and I mean really remember) about 1 or 2.

Anyways, you didn't pursue perception any further, sob. But we sure need more work done on viruses. Awesome!

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