The End of Term

Just a quick reminder, in case you've forgotten: the end of term is approaching.

Yeah, yeah--terms papers this, studying that, yada yada. But there's another reason to remember the last day of term. I ask that, if you have any concerns about the marking of any assignment or exams in the course, you bring them to me or the TA before classes end. I'm going to be heads-down marking term papers, and your TAs are students with exams to prepare for, too. Although I've asked them to keep their usual office hours up until the final, they may just have to write an exam during one of their office hours.

Yes, according to Department of Psychology policy, it is your right to wait up until some unspecified time before the day of the final exam to bring your concern forward:

"With the exception of term work for which students did not receive feedback before the posting of final grades, students must initiate a request for reevaluation of term work with the instructor prior to the day of the final exam or in the case of courses without final exams, before the posting of final grades."
So on or after the day of the final exam, however, pfft! that's it. Even if we made a marking mistake, we are not allowed to change it after that day. If there is a significant concern, please don't wait until the last minute. Note that this doesn't apply to simply asking questions to clarify something; you can do that at any time--even after the course is over.

Why aren't you studying?


Anonymous said...

I just realized that you never answered the question in the first lecture notes of psyco 267: Why does orange juice taste bad after brushing your teeth?

Karsten A. Loepelmann said...

@Anonymous: Argh, completely forgot. Two reasons why: 1) adaptation: toothpaste is very sweet so that will decrease the experience of subsequent (moderately) sweet tastants, 2) some of the compounds in toothpaste actively block some sweet receptors.

The result is that you're less sensitive to the sugars in orange juice, but your ability to taste the sour and bitter compounds is unaffected--making the orange juice taste bad.

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