The Random Facts - 1

Why? Because I'm too lazy to set up a Twitter account.

  • When you feel how cold your spouse's hands are, it's not a good idea to ask, "What, are you a dead person?" Actually, it's never a good idea to ask that.
  • All that snow we got in January? That almost paralyzed the city? Yeah, it wasn't a record amount for January. That record was set in 1971, with 66 cm. Hmm, why don't I remember that? Oh, right--I was in my crib. (No, not my house, yo. Like, an actual crib.)
  • A sump pump is an important thing to have in your house. It's even more important if it's actually working. Luckily, I have the ears of a hawk, and heard mine gurgling and buzzing its last. $600 later...
  • Norovirus is not my favourite virus. When one person in my family gets it, we all get it, falling like dominoes. (How I managed to not miss teaching a single class, I dunno.) I'm not crazy about Coxsackievirus, either. Or influenza or rhinoviruses.
  • There is no such thing as "one cookie left."
Do you have any random facts to share?

Why aren't you studying?


Tiffany said...

My fact(s):
King Henry VIII only had 6 wives, and technically only 2 were 'legal' by the time of his death (4 of them were considered null and void). And he only killed two of them!...directly, anyways.
The third died after giving birth to his son. :P

Anastasia said...

Fact: When you donate blood it has to be your own, apparently.

Fact2: Twitter is awesome and you should get Twitter. DO IT.

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