The Furlough Days

Today is the first of a bunch of "furlough days" at the UofA. So I will be trying really hard to not do any work, to show solidarity with my colleagues. Um, even though I already checked (and answered) email. And then I, er, started writing this blog entry. But from this point on, I will not be doing any course prep for next term, or answering email, or even--

Wait, scratch that. This isn't about having "days off" without pay. I can't just just take six days off and do no prep work at all--there's no way I'd be ready for the first day of class. It's about taking a pay cut, to help bail the University out of the great big, deep hole the administration dug, getting caught with their pants down with bad investments in the Great Recession. (Sorry about the mixed metaphor. Meh, I don't care--who's reading this anyway? Besides my mom.)

Anyway, I'll just pretend that I'm not doing any work. If you don't get an answer to your email, here are some classic posts that answer some FAQs:

  • Need some help getting into my classes, which are all currently full? I've got an answer for you.
  • Do you want to get your final grade "bumped up"? Just read this post from last year.
Why aren't you studying? (Like, for next term...)


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of these Furlough days before this blog entry. I guess the University is in quite a financial crisis, so I wonder if that means we'll definitely be switching our email servers to gmail soon.

I didn't really expect you to write a blog entry on the day before Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Faculty lecturer.

You see, that just doesn't sound right, so I'm just going to keep calling you Professor.

Merry Christmas, Professor.

Karsten Loepelmann said...

@Anonymous: Hey, this blog is informal. You can call me "dude" if you like...

Anastasia said...

Dude! I like need you to bump my grade in spring class up to an A+ cause I like totally deserve it and stuff and then I need you to get me into 494 and I need you to do it like now pls, k?

thnx, man!

p.s. I like dont appreciate you taking hours to reply to an email. its not like profs have something more important to do, lulz!!!1

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