The Marking

Just a short post to interrupt my marking. (Hmm, procrastination--another good topic a future blog post...)

Marking is not the most enjoyable thing. This fact has nothing to do with the quality of the answers. It's just awfully repetitive. I get to read answers to the same essay question over and over and over... This is by choice, mind you. When it comes to written/short-answer/long-answer I try to mark as many of the same question as I can, so that I can be as consistent in marking as possible.

So I get a fresh cup of coffee (hmm, coffee--another good topic for a future blog post...), put on some quiet music and concentrate on marking. This is difficult, as interruptions and distractions are many. Luckily, it's just me and the baby this afternoon. Awesomely, I've discovered the perfect music solution for both of us: Rockabye Baby!

These are baby lullabies of rawk songs, and improbably include songs from:

  • The Beatles
  • U2
  • Bob Marley
  • Coldplay
  • No Doubt
  • Metallica
  • Led Zeppelin
  • Radiohead
  • Green Day
  • Nine Inch Nails
  • AC/DC
  • and more.
You've never lived (as a parent) until you've heard American Idiot, Enter Sandman, or Highway to Hell played as a gentle, soothing lullaby. Insidious, bizarre, and just about the only way to simultaneously satisfy both a cranky 3-month-old and a cranky psychology instructor. (Country music fans, don't feel left out: check out Hushabye Baby.)

Why aren't you studying?


Anonymous said...

Why aren't you marking?

Leah said...

Hushabye Baby RASCAL FLATTS!?!

This makes me want to have a baby prematurely.

Karsten Loepelmann said...

@Leah: Er, don't be hasty. You can buy and listen to the music *without* having a child. And you should really give the music a listen first--you may find it somewhat like elevator music. ;-)

Tiffany said...

Sounds like a brilliant market scheme - get the kids, and get the parents too!

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