The Professor of the Month

The Undergraduate Psychology Association has very kindly featured me on their website as "Professor of the Month" for March. (Yeah, so there's only one more day of March. That's OK; the UPA is a volunteer organization--what have you volunteered for lately?) It's not an award or anything; it's an in-depth all-you-ever-wanted-to-know interview. Or at least as much as I could spew out in 18 minutes. (Thanks to Dan L. for interviewing me--and sorry I was in such a rush!)

I'm honoured that they'd want to interview me, even though I'm not technically a professor. Plus, I'm sharing billing this month with Dr. Peter Lee, whose answers to the interview questions are way better than mine. (Wow, one of his hobbies is brewing his own beer! Well, I make jam from the cherries that grow on the tree in my backyard...and I bake pretzels from scratch. Still not as cool as brewing beer, I know.)

This post is not about me promoting myself. Really, I'd like to plug the UPA. If you are serious about a future in psychology--which usually means getting an honours degree and/or graduate school--you should look into becoming a UPA member. Every year, they put on some really good forums on things like graduate studies, careers and volunteering, individual studies, and more.

Their website is full of great information, with a page of really useful info on graduate studies, plus professor and course of the month. The latter is great way to learn more about courses you might be interested in, and about some of your instructors. (And I can learn some secrets about my colleagues. Brewing beer? Hmph. I get my beer the same way my granddad did: I, er, buy it.)

Coming back to me, since this blog is all about me (what, isn't it?), I have to point out that a few years ago, my PSYCO 403 (now PSYCO 494) Human Factors & Ergonomics course was a Course of the Month. (Want to enrol? Sorry, for this fall, Bear Tracks says it's full. Already.)

Why aren't you studying?


Smiley Student said...

Hi Dr. Loepelmann,

I just wanted to say thank you for making my PSYCO 104 experience extremely enjoyable! You are a phenomenal teacher and have restored my faith in instructors at this University.

I wish you the best of luck with your family and career.

Smiley Student =)

Karsten Loepelmann said...

@Smiley Student: Aw, shucks, thanks. I'm sad that your faith in instructors was on the wane, but I hope that your future experience improves!

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