The Lateness

I was late for class yesterday. I was late by 15 minutes, and I apologize to everyone in that class.

I could come up with a whole bunch of excuses. I only left an hour before my class was due to start, and it took me three times longer than normal to get to campus. I should have left even earlier. The weather was pretty bad, and the roads were in poor shape. There was also a collision on the way (not in the direction I was going--but everyone else still had to slow down and rubberneck to get a good look at the crash). Surprisingly, the baby was not a factor in my being late--she was still sleeping when I left home.

None of this makes any difference. I was late by 15 minutes, wasting the time of about 200 students. Multiply 200 people by 0.25 hours, and you get 50 people-hours of wasted time. Yikes. Who am I to be wasting so much time--the government?

I try my best to get to all of my classes on time. I do leave home with enough buffer time to (usually) prevent being late. When I'm in my office, I actually have a little clock program that sounds an alarm when it's time for my next class. I try to be very time-aware, but sometimes, well...I'm late.

I'm going to try extra hard for the rest of the term to not be late to that class again. And I'm still going to try not to be late to anything else--classes, meetings, appointments...oops! Look at the time. Better get going; don't want to be late.

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