The Baby

This is to announce the birth of our family's second child, our second daughter, Madison. She was 7 lbs, 12 oz (if baby stats are your thing). She and her mom are tired but healthy. Big sister thought that the baby looked funny (ha-ha funny, not weird funny) and liked her hair best of all. Dad is slowly floating back to Earth, pondering things like more My Little Pony toys, weddings, and the cost of tuition in the year 2026.

How is this a behind-the-scenes kinda post? Here's how: I don't get paternity leave. Sure, I could go to my Department and tell them I won't be teaching come January--but that would violate the terms of my contract. And even if they did let me go, they probably would have found a replacement for me, so it'd be unlikely that I'd be rehired. And even if I got rehired, I'd lose all of my seniority (meaning my salary would drop down to lowest rung of the pay scale).

That means I'm stuck between the demands of work and home, struggling to juggle both so that no disaster happens. Like running out of diapers, or forgetting about an exam. So if I seem tired, cranky, and always in a hurry, you know why.

Why aren't I sleeping?


Anonymous said...

yay! your brain will be craving tons of REM sleep as you are awakened by the sound of WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
ps: if i still remember that after new years you must be a good professor.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new baby and good luck with sleeping!

simon said...

Congratulations on the new born!! and i hope you would get more sleep and hope tuition is not too expensive in 2026

better be safe than sorry~ start buying bonds... lots of bonds (soon)

maybe not the perfect moment with the recession. but eventually =D

or i hope your pay is so great you don't need to invest HAHAHA

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