The Typical Busy Day

I really should get going. Today's a busy day for me--start to finish. But I just had to post this. I'm gonna type fast...

Took my daughter to daycare a bit early today, a miracle.

Got home in time to see the Office Depot truck about to drive away, because my wife didn't hear the doorbell. Luckily, the driver saw me and I get to help him lug the pieces of my new desk up a flight of stairs. Yay.

Printed out some pages I need later in the day, answered a couple emails, and grabbed some breakfast (a big bowl of Boo Berry that I ordered off eBay; it was my favourite as a kid, but it doesn't taste the way I remembered. They had better artificial flavour back in the olden days!). I'm out the door 15 minutes early.

I've got to be early today, because I'm dropping off some midterms to be printed before I go to class. I like to get them in before the rush later in the term. But what happened to my extra 15 minutes? Now, I gotta rush off to my first class of the day.

Right after my class, I have a meeting of the Contract Academic Staff committee of the staff association. It goes for 2 hours, and I somehow get elected Vice-Chair. No need to congratulate me; I have no power and my term ends in 4 weeks. I'll have to take over the world later. Bwah-ha-ha!

Run to another class and I'm not late. Another miracle. After, I dump some assignments into the teaching assistant's mailbox, and notice that I've got 30 minutes before I have to leave for dinner--an old friend from university days is in town from Chicago.

OK, some time to breathe and crank out this blog post. I'm going to try not to rush dinner, but I do want to get home and see my daughter before she goes to bed. As much as I like my job, the reason I work is to support my family--not buy DVDs. It's great to come home and have someone yell, "Daddy!" and squeeze your neck with a great big hug. Especially if it's my daughter.

Today is not a typical day, but a typical one for a busy day. There's not a lot of time to just do nothing, or do something just for me. I know the typical day for a student is a lot like my busy day: you're rushing from class to class, trying to make time for friends and family, studying. Speaking of which...

Why aren't you studying?


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