The Introduction

So, why write a blog? (It's not because I've got too much free time--honest.) It's because I love DVDs. Let me explain.

I often wish I could get together with students less formally. Like sitting and having a coffee in HUB mall together. Yeah, that's (probably) not going to happen. So maybe instead I could write about some stuff in a blog. A lot of things in education are going virtual, why not talking to your prof?

That brings me to DVDs. I love DVDs that have behind-the-scenes stuff: deleted scenes, director's commentaries (except for directors who don't do commentaries--yeah, I'm lookin' at you Spielberg), camcorder footage of the shoot. You get to find out what was on the creators' minds, and maybe gain new insights. That's pretty cool.

So I'd like to make this blog a behind-the-scenes approach to the teaching of psychology. But not just that. I also want to give tips to my students (and anyone else who reads this) about how to study better, based on what we know from psychology.

Finally, I want this to be a conversation. I'd love for students to respond to what I've written, asking questions, offering suggestions, criticisms, whatever. You can post anonymously if you wish, it doesn't matter to me. I'm not going to track you down and drop your grade a notch if you offer me some valid criticism.

I'll post on an irregular schedule. Not too many, or too long. Hey, we all have other things to do, right? I hear there's a new DVD of The Breakfast Club that's got a new retrospective documentary... Anyway, why are you reading this?

Why aren't you studying?


simon said...

HA! You wish you could sit together with students less formally? To be honest, I was given this impression that all Profs are these authority figures. It’s quite hard to have tea with the king when the king has the power to behead the peasant for any mistake!

Anyways, I agree that teacher-student relationship should be less formal! SEE I am editing this using Word!!! Seriously!

DVDs eh? I still like Hollywood films that are action packed, with expensive computer graphics, and explosions! So movies from the 80s about people that opens up their inner secrets to complete strangers that don’t seem like what they stereotypically represent wouldn’t interest me

O you are so funny

Melissa said...

Do professors really feel that way? I'm with Simon, professors are so high up that it seems they usually don't especially care about each individual student. I don't know if I could either, though, if I had 300 in every class I taught. Still it's nice to think that professors are humans too. Well, some of the time.

stephanie said...

Bloggin hey! As a former student of Dr. Loepelmann's I can truly attest to his down to earth approach with students. Try talking to the guy, you may be pleasantly surprised! Oops, I don't want Dr. Loeplmann to loose his formable mystic or else he will be inundated by students during office hours!
The breakfast club? What is that? :) Looks like Dr. Loepelmann is dating himself....
Well back to work...

Karsten Loepelmann said...

Thanks for the comments!

@simon and melissa: I think part of it is a conflict of interest. Profs can't be your friend because they have to evaluate you. Maybe that's why some profs distance themselves from students.

Having huge classes may also do it--it's easy to be friendly with 30 than 300.

But sadly, it's also attitude. Yup, some profs are disdainful of students. They don't want to teach, and would rather be in the lab. (Maybe that's what they're best at.)

My job as a Faculty Lecturer is about teaching. I love my job, it's fun and endlessly interesting. It would be pretty boring if I went and lectured to an empty room every day.

@stephanie: I'm dating myself, eh? I admit, I'm a child of the 80s. I'm almost exactly as old as Molly Ringwald >giggle< You're old enough to remember the 80s, too!

Anonymous said...

The clothing Molly Ringwald wore in Pretty in Pink was disconcerting. Was this intentional or was her prom dress really supposed to be "breathtaking?" Was it just a good prom dress... you know... considering she made it?

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